Naviserv offers the purchase and training in the use of our Periodic and continuous measuring System, suitable for both 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines. The installation of the measuring system is performed by our Service Engineers and typically takes between 30 – 45 minutes. The system can be permanently installed on the engine. The crew is trained to conduct all needed measurements: pressure, vibration, ultrasonics and engine RPM. Additionally, the crew receives instructions on filling out the measurement card with essential data. Our qualified Service Engineer provides comprehensive guidance on the measurement process and data transfer to the analytics department for in-depth analysis.


This comprehensive measurement and diagnostic service, together with the crew conducting the measurements, offers a cost-effective solution for continuous engine performance, operation and performance monitoring. To guarantee the highest quality of measurements, they can also be performed periodically by our service engineers.


The periodic and continuous measurement system is ideal to monitor and control your engine performance and condition. Our system enables the detection of malfunctions before they lead to a major breakdown and engine damage, thereby preventing long-term and costly repairs.


With a Periodic and continuous measurement system, you will also have access to our dedicated ECM application. Thanks to the "everything in one place" idea, you will have a quick and easy view of all reports and recommendations, as well as information about the work performed. Additionally, reports will also be sent to our client in the form of a PDF file.

With Naviserv Periodic and continuous measuring system, You can obtain the classifier's approval for a conditional extension of the engine maintenance period.


Benefits of Periodic and continuous measuring system:

  • Suitable for 2 and 4-stroke engines
  • System installation conducted by our qualified Service Engineer
  • Optional system installation: Permanent or Temporary
  • Crew training
  • Comprehensive diagnostic service and data analysis
  • Detailed reports containing recommendations aimed at improving or maintaining engine performance
  • Cost reduction with Crew conducting the measurements
  • Continuous monitoring of engine condition
  • Measurements are taken in agreed with client intervals, usually every 90 days
  • Naviserv ECM dedicated app account for a digital view of reports and engine condition.
  • ABS approval for overhaul extension
  • Reduction of sudden failures thanks to constant monitoring of the engine condition

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