Naviserv offers One-time measurement system services, suitable for reciprocating machines. The installation of the measuring system is performed by our service engineers and typically takes between 10 – 15 minutes. For this system installation is only temporary – for the time of the measurement. In the One-time measurement system, all needed measurements: pressure, vibration, ultrasonics, and filling out the measurement card with essential data are conducted by our qualified service engineer. Data transfer to the analytics department for in-depth analysis is also carried out by our employees. The measurement process depending on the engine type can take up to 1.5 hours per engine.

In this type of service, we can guarantee the highest quality of measurements, performed by our service engineers.
One-time measurement system services are the best solution for pre- or post-dock measurement to compare the condition of the engine before and after the maintenance has been performed. A single measurement is also an ideal solution in the event of a sudden problem and the need for diagnosis without repair processes.

If you use our One-time measurement system service, the report with recommendations will be sent only as a PDF file.
With Naviserv One-time measurement system it is possible for you to obtain the classifier's approval for a conditional extension of the engine overhaul.

Benefits of One-time measurement system:
•    Suitable for 2 and 4-stroke engines
•    Simple and fast system installation conducted by our qualified service engineer
•    Highest quality of service ensured with measurements made by our engineers
•    Comprehensive diagnostic service and data analysis
•    Detailed reports sent in PDF containing recommendations indicating engine operation problems
•    Control check of engine condition before and after overhaul 
•    Possible ABS approval for overhaul extension 

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