Technical Advice & Risk Assessment


Our company is hiring technical specialists, chief engineers, and analysis specialists all of which are ready to support you with any technical advice or issues with the engine. Comprehensive technical knowledge allows us to aid your needs. Thanks to the data obtained from the engine and the analysis we are capable to make a precise diagnosis of the faulty component in the engine. Our philosophy is to search for easy, simple solutions to the problem, in case of ineffectiveness, suggesting comprehensive solutions. This comes from the fact that some problems with the engine components may have more than one source.

The newest technology of 3 types of signals results in effective, complete and precise diagnoses. High, Raw, Ultra frequency signals collected from the engine body combined when combined with the Pressure signals collected from the combustion chamber result in the effective diagnosis of the following engine parts: injectors, fuel pumps, cylinder heads valves, oil pumps, water pumps, main bearings and camshaft bearings. Thanks to modern methods of analysis, problems with combustion or engine balance can be solved. Continuous engine monitoring makes it possible to estimate risk assessment at any given moment and indicate which engine components require additional attention and which should be repaired/replaced as soon as possible. If necessary we will advise to secure the engine from overload or to keep the engine at low load to prevent serious damage. Based on experience and a series of measurements taken we can help in determining whether an engine inspection is already required. The effects of our diagnosis are measurable and repeatable.

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