What can you expect?

Wencon® is an epoxy product for repair and maintenance of damaged and corroded metal surfaces.

Our team consists of high-qualified engineers with long year experience in repair.
All of them are certified by Wencon®

Wencon® products characterized mainly by a wide range of applications, high adhesion to all surfaces, low temperature drying, convenient pack sizes, easy to combine and overlap and the possibility of full machining tooling. They are designed to be easy to use and cost-effective, reducing costs.

A repair or maintenance job done after the Wencon® Repair System is a high quality job wherein you can expect your item to provide many years of continued service.

For our clients we do offer:

  • Emergency fast repairs
  • Temporary repairs
  • Full service of Wencon® products
  • General Ship repair and maintenance
  • Immediate delivery of Wencon® in case of lack of a product (stock point)
  • 24h Wencon® service point.

We are an exclusive distributor of Wencon® products in Poland as well.

For further information you are welcome to visit : www.wencon.com