Our company offers the changing of foundations during machinery repair by the usage of Adjustable Steel Chock which eliminates the necessity to use epoxy based chock. This method substantially reduces costs and enhances the alignment. Furthermore, if the machinery has to be repaired and dismantled again later, the Adjustable Steel Chock can be used once more. Epoxy chock demands 24 hours hardening and can be used only once. The basic line of chock consists of 10 differently sized elements ranging from 50,8mm to 254mm outside diameter, and 3 types of slim line of chocks from 102mm to 178mm.
This type of chock uses a special thread type called buttress thread. Unlike common thread types used in mechanical engineering, buttress thread has an asymmetric design which comprises a 7o top angle and a 45o supporting flank.
As a result of this thread design, the chock is more mechanically stiff and has a higher load bearing capacity if compared to a standard metric thread of similar diameter and pitch.


  1. Re-usable mounting;
  2. Self- levelling;
  3. No need for mechanical locking device to prevent chock parts from rotating under load;
  4. Short installation time;
  5. High resistance to corrosion;
  6. Approved by DNV, BV, ABS, GL;
  7. Possible application for different equipment from small to big like: e-motors, pumps, engines, compressors, gearboxes, generators

Costly machining of foundations can be avoided.